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class="cl nvbing5_ywkd"> <DIV class=y> <DIV class=has-login> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV class=get-index><A class=shouye onclick="setHomepage('http://020lilai.com/');" rel=nofollow><SPAN>设为首页</SPAN></A> <A onclick="addFavorite(this.href, '柳州广播电视?);return false;" >加入收藏</A>  <A class=weibo rel=nofollow target=_blank><SPAN>关注微博</SPAN></A> <A class=weixin onmouseover='jq("#jiaweixin").css({"display":"block"})' onmouseout='jq("#jiaweixin").css({"display":"none"})' rel=nofollow><SPAN>关注微信</SPAN> <DIV id=jiaweixin> <P>打开微信扫一?/P> <img src="/pic/640_1372.jpg"/></DIV> </A></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=hd> <DIV class="n5_lgss cl"> <H2> <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=7,0,19,0" height="100"> <param name="movie" value="http://020lilai.com/FLASH/logo.swf"> <param name="quality" value="high"> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> <embed src="http://020lilai.com/FLASH/logo.swf" 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style="DISPLAY: none" id=mn_P5_menu class="p_pop h_pop"> <LI><A hideFocus target="_blank">新闻综合频道</A></LI> <LI><A hideFocus target="_blank">科教频道</A></LI> <LI><A hideFocus target="_blank">公共频道</A></LI> </UL> <UL style="DISPLAY: none" id=mn_forum_2_menu class="p_pop h_pop"> <LI><A hideFocus target="_blank">综合广播</A></LI> <LI><A hideFocus target="_blank">交通广?/A></LI> <LI><A hideFocus target="_blank">乡村生活广播</A></LI> </UL> <DIV style="DISPLAY: none" id=mn_userapp_menu class="p_pop h_pop"></DIV> <DIV id=mu class=cl></DIV> <DIV class="n5_ejdh cl"> <UL class=clearfix> <LI class=p_1> <P class=p>资讯</P> <UL class=ul> <LI><A target=_blank>国内</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>广西</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>柳州</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>时政</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>社会</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>财经</A></LI> </UL> </LI> <LI class=p_3> <P class=p>直播</P> <UL class=ul> <LI><A target=_blank>新闻频道</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>科教频道</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>公共频道</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>综合广播</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>交通广?/A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>乡村广播</A></LI> </UL> </LI> <LI class=p_5> <P class=p>栏目</P> <UL class=ul> <LI><A target=_blank>柳州新闻</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>新播?/A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>法治柳州</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>直通县?/A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>摆古</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>惠生?/A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>淘最柳州</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>乡土柳州</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>风展红旗</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>健康柳州</A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank>尚学?/A></LI> </UL> </LI> <LI class=p_6 style=" padding-top:5px"><a target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1857.jpg"/></a></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=wp class=wp> <DIV class="wp mtm cl"><!--[diy=v5ad1]--> <DIV id=v5ad1 class=area> <DIV id=framedC10TJ class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framedC10TJ_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framedC10TJ_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_55 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_55_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary> <STYLE type=text/css> .n5_lad A { FLOAT: left; MARGIN-RIGHT: 5.5px } .n5_lad .n5_ladw { MARGIN: 0px } </STYLE> <DIV class="n5_lad cl"> <a target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_2045.gif"/></A> <a class=n5_ladw target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1352.jpg"/></A> <a target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_139.jpg"/></A> <a class=n5_ladw target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1033.gif"/></A> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--DIV style="margin: 0px auto 10px; width: 1200px; display: none;" id="js_ads_banner_top_slide"> <A target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1687.jpg"/></A></DIV> </DIV> <!--热门专题--> <DIV class="n5_spzrt cl"><!--[diy=v602]--> <DIV id=v602 class=area> <DIV id=frameRWTiWV class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameRWTiWV_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameRWTiWV_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_58 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_58_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary> <DIV class=n5_zrtbt>热门专题<A target="_blank">更多</A></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_59 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_59_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_zrtnr> <UL> <LI><a target="_blank">《梁家河?/A></LI> <LI><A target="_blank">百城百县百企调研?/A></LI> <LI><a target="_blank">文明柳州 你我共建</A></LI> <LI><a target="_blank">盛世中华·魅力石都——第十届柳州国际奇石节暨赏石文化艺术?/A></LI> <LI><a target="_blank">2018柳州文明旅游H5宣传作品征集评选活?/A></LI> <LI><A target="_blank">骑行天下 醉美广西——车轮上的全民狂?/A></LI> <LI><a target="_blank">美丽柳州·乡村建设</A></LI> <LI><A target="_blank">扫黑除恶 创建平安</A></LI> <LI><a target="_blank">“中国梦”主题优秀网络视听节目展播</A></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> </DIV> <DIV class="n5_v6spl z"><!--门户头条--> <DIV class="n5_v6tt cl"><!--[diy=v603]--> <DIV id=v603 class=area> <DIV id=frameKgSVK8 class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameKgSVK8_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameKgSVK8_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_60 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_60_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary> <DIV class=n5_jrtbt>今日头条 <I>HEADLINE</I></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_61 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_61_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_mhttyw> <DIV class="n5_mhttnr cl"> <H3><A style="font-size:20px" target=_blank>第十届柳州国际奇石节暨赏石文化艺术节将于明天开?/A></H3> <SPAN>历届规模最大!第十届柳州国际奇石节暨赏石文化艺术节将于明天?1?日)拉开帷幕? </SPAN> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <!--头条广告--> <DIV class="n5_ttad cl"><!--[diy=v604]--> <DIV id=v604 class=area> <DIV id=framegMdmQR class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framegMdmQR_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framegMdmQR_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_62 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_62_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary><a target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1821.jpg"/></a></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <!--新闻切换--> <DIV class="n5_xwhtq cl"> <div class="tab_box"> <div class="tab_li"> <input type="radio" id="TabRadio1" class="tab_radio" name="tab" checked="checked" /> <label class="tab_label" for="TabRadio1">新闻聚焦</label> <div class="tab_content"> <div class="article_title"> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A target="_blank" style="color:#FF0000">【独家V观】习近平宣布首届中国国际进口博览会开?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A target="_blank" style="color:#FF0000">中国国际进口博览?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="自治区绩效考评民意调查,你我共同参? target=_blank><b>自治区绩效考评民意调查,你我共同参?/b></A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="习近平同法国总统马克龙互致贺?庆祝中法海洋卫星发射成功" target=_blank><b>习近平同法国总统马克龙互致贺?庆祝中法海洋卫星发射成功</b></A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="柳州市广播电视台广播中心招聘新闻采编和播音主持岗位人员启? target=_blank><b>柳州市广播电视台广播中心招聘新闻采编和播音主持岗位人员启?/b></A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="市直属机关歌咏汇?唱响辉煌颂歌" target=_blank>市直属机关歌咏汇?唱响辉煌颂歌</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="明天,柳州市民政局副局长黄丽波做客《创城热线? target=_blank>明天,柳州市民政局副局长黄丽波做客《创城热线?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="他被人大免职时头发全?市长说到他名字引来掌声一? target=_blank>他被人大免职时头发全?市长说到他名字引来掌声一?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="全广西节能降耗排第一的公共机构竟然是他们" target=_blank>全广西节能降耗排第一的公共机构竟然是他们</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="投绣球也是一项技术活 他们代表柳州去比赛了~" target=_blank>投绣球也是一项技术活 他们代表柳州去比赛了~</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="好消息!柳州新增两处户政、出入境业务自助办理?" target=_blank>好消息!柳州新增两处户政、出入境业务自助办理?</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="一大波新增车位来袭 白沙大桥下也能停车啦" target=_blank>一大波新增车位来袭 白沙大桥下也能停车啦</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="广西2019年艺考将于今?2月上旬举?报名工作即将开? target=_blank>广西2019年艺考将于今?2月上旬举?报名工作即将开?/A></LI> </div> </div> </div> <div class="tab_li"> <input type="radio" id="TabRadio2" class="tab_radio" name="tab" /> <label class="tab_label" for="TabRadio2">柳州新闻</label> <div class="tab_content"> <div class="video_title"> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="郑俊康会见一汽客?一汽解放公司柳州项目即将启? target=_blank>郑俊康会见一汽客?一汽解放公司柳州项目即将启?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title=" “柳网”落?王雅繁蝉联女单冠? target=_blank> “柳网”落?王雅繁蝉联女单冠?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="微观柳州:”医联体?让“远医?解了“近疾? target=_blank>微观柳州:”医联体?让“远医?解了“近疾?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="深化“放管服?优化营商环境 培育“守合同重信用”公示企? target=_blank>深化“放管服?优化营商环境 培育“守合同重信用”公示企?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="深化“放管服?优化营商环境 推进便民服务 营造规范便利经营环? target=_blank>深化“放管服?优化营商环境 推进便民服务 营造规范便利经营环?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="深化“放管服?优化营商环境 实行审慎监管 完善“包容机制? target=_blank>深化“放管服?优化营商环境 实行审慎监管 完善“包容机制?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="我的城市我的?柳州体育中心改造项目即将完? target=_blank>我的城市我的?柳州体育中心改造项目即将完?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="我的城市我的?3年投?.28?新建改建193所公厕" target=_blank>我的城市我的?3年投?.28?新建改建193所公厕</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="关注奇石节·“石”话“石”说 有“石”自远方?不亦乐乎" target=_blank>关注奇石节·“石”话“石”说 有“石”自远方?不亦乐乎</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="鱼峰区:打造廉政“新地标?让党员干部“不想腐? target=_blank>鱼峰区:打造廉政“新地标?让党员干部“不想腐?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="三江县:文化旅游?红薯卖得? target=_blank>三江县:文化旅游?红薯卖得?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="养老金最低标准又涨了!每人增?6?? target=_blank>养老金最低标准又涨了!每人增?6??/A></LI> </div> </div> </div> <div class="tab_li"> <input type="radio" id="TabRadio3" class="tab_radio" name="tab" /> <label class="tab_label" for="TabRadio3">新播?/label> <div class="tab_content"> <div class="video_title"> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title=" “医联体?让“远医?解了“近疾? target=_blank> “医联体?让“远医?解了“近疾?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="混凝土搅拌车跨越绿化?与对向大货车“对对碰? target=_blank>混凝土搅拌车跨越绿化?与对向大货车“对对碰?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="想做浪里飘?站稳了再? target=_blank>想做浪里飘?站稳了再?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="只因老板太“苛刻? 男子偷走老板5万块" target=_blank>只因老板太“苛刻? 男子偷走老板5万块</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="罕见 山羊“妈妈”一胎生六“娃? target=_blank>罕见 山羊“妈妈”一胎生六“娃?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="摊贩半夜占道经营 城管通通给你扣? target=_blank>摊贩半夜占道经营 城管通通给你扣?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="市工人医院总院主楼顺利封顶" target=_blank>市工人医院总院主楼顺利封顶</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="中国金花成功卫冕 网球公开赛圆满收? target=_blank>中国金花成功卫冕 网球公开赛圆满收?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="男子喝醉?凌晨在马路上耍酒? target=_blank>男子喝醉?凌晨在马路上耍酒?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="塔吊司机把外卖吊上高? target=_blank>塔吊司机把外卖吊上高?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="男子高铁脚踹女乘?竟因一个眼? target=_blank>男子高铁脚踹女乘?竟因一个眼?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="司机错过匝道 竟横穿绿化带上高? target=_blank>司机错过匝道 竟横穿绿化带上高?/A></LI> </div> </div> </div> <div class="tab_li"> <input type="radio" id="TabRadio4" class="tab_radio" name="tab" /> <label class="tab_label" for="TabRadio4">法治柳州</label> <div class="tab_content"> <div class="video_title"> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="广西中美天元集团骗取贷款案一审宣? target=_blank>广西中美天元集团骗取贷款案一审宣?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="看好收款二维?小心被“狸猫换太子? target=_blank>看好收款二维?小心被“狸猫换太子?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="大货车行驶途中突起大火 驾驶室被烧毁" target=_blank>大货车行驶途中突起大火 驾驶室被烧毁</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="成立业委会为何困难重重?——回访翠林之?环境秩序有所改善" target=_blank>成立业委会为何困难重重?——回访翠林之?环境秩序有所改善</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="成立业委会为何困难重重?——业委会迟迟建不?重重困难为哪? target=_blank>成立业委会为何困难重重?——业委会迟迟建不?重重困难为哪?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="成立业委会为何困难重重?——重新划分物业管理区?小区业主有看? target=_blank>成立业委会为何困难重重?——重新划分物业管理区?小区业主有看?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="男子非法吸金1.1?难逃高速“法眼? target=_blank>男子非法吸金1.1?难逃高速“法眼?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="男子在旅馆走廊“偷拍?拘留? target=_blank>男子在旅馆走廊“偷拍?拘留?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="男子网上售卖“改装POS机? 招两地警方联合抓? target=_blank>男子网上售卖“改装POS机? 招两地警方联合抓?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="老人路边不慎摔? 爱心接力送回? target=_blank>老人路边不慎摔? 爱心接力送回?/A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="难以继承的房产——独生女继承父母房产 为何困难重重" target=_blank>难以继承的房产——独生女继承父母房产 为何困难重重</A></LI> <LI><SPAN></SPAN><A title="难以继承的房产——多人拥有房产份?房产继承一波三? target=_blank>难以继承的房产——多人拥有房产份?房产继承一波三?/A></LI> </div> </div> </div> </div> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV class="n5_v6spy y"> <DIV class="n5_sqhd cl"><!--[diy=v608]--> <DIV id=v608 class=area> <DIV id=frameOb6y7I class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameOb6y7I_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameOb6y7I_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_68 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_68_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary> <DIV class=n5_sqhdbt><SPAN class=y><A target=_blank>更多</A></SPAN> <SPAN class=z></SPAN> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_69 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_69_content class=dxb_bc > <UL class="n5_tchdnr cl"> <LI><A title="【曝光台】这几位司机,请你们在斑马线前等一? target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1134.jpg"/> <DIV class=text-desc> <P class=desc-title>【曝光台】这几位司机,请你们在斑马线前等一?/P> <P class=desc-detail>2018/11/5 21:53:35</P> </DIV> </A></LI> <LI><A title="7?2点城区禁止遛?对于这则通告你怎么看?" target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1608.gif"/> <DIV class=text-desc> <P class=desc-title>7?2点城区禁止遛?对于这则通告你怎么看?</P> <P class=desc-detail>2018/11/5 21:30:42</P> </DIV> </A></LI> <LI><A title="“儿科神药”蒲地蓝修订不良反应 宝妈担心:还能放心用吗?" target=_blank><img src="/pic/0306.jpg"/> <DIV class=text-desc> <P class=desc-title>“儿科神药”蒲地蓝修订不良反应 宝妈担心:还能放心用吗?</P> <P class=desc-detail>2018/11/5 21:26:30</P> </DIV> </A></LI> <LI><A title="我市3个项目入围第四届中国青年志愿服务项目大赛全国赛终? target=_blank><img src="/pic/df9n5H9b.jpg"/> <DIV class=text-desc> <P class=desc-title>我市3个项目入围第四届中国青年志愿服务项目大赛全国赛终?/P> <P class=desc-detail>2018/11/5 21:08:18</P> </DIV> </A></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <DIV class="n5_spyad cl"><!--[diy=v609]--> <DIV id=v609 class=area> <DIV id=framexIS5BI class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framexIS5BI_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framexIS5BI_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_70 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_70_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary><a target="_blank"><img src="/pic/9F9d795Nx9.jpg"/></a> <a target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1759.jpg"/></a> <img src="/pic/640_1016.png"/></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[diy=v5ad2]--> <DIV id=v5ad2 class=area> <DIV id=framelcC2WQ class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framelcC2WQ_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framelcC2WQ_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_54 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_54_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary><a target="_blank"><img src="/pic/DHv553tvht.jpg"/></a></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=v5ad2 class=area> <DIV id=framelcC2WQ class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framelcC2WQ_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framelcC2WQ_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_54 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_54_content class=dxb_bc> <div style="WIDTH: 1200px; padding-bottom:5px; padding-top:5px; float:left"> <div style="float:left; width:960px"> </div> <div style="float:left; width:240px; margin-top:25px; border-top:1px #ccc solid"> <div style="padding-left:40px; padding-top:10px"> <img src="/pic/640_1733.jpg"/> </div> </div> </div> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--><!--精彩栏目--> <DIV class="n5_jzsh cl"> <DIV class=n5_zxmkbt> <DIV class=y><!--[diy=v610]--> <DIV id=v610 class=area> <DIV id=frameJbz7vN class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameJbz7vN_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameJbz7vN_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_71 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_71_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary><A class=n5_tsjgw target=_blank>柳州新闻</A><A target=_blank>新播?/A> <A target=_blank>法治柳州</A> <A target=_blank>直通县?/A> <A target=_blank>摆古</A> <A target=_blank>惠生?/A> <A target=_blank>淘最柳州</A> <A target=_blank>乡土柳州</A> <A target=_blank>风展红旗</A> <A target=_blank>健康柳州</A> <A target=_blank>尚学?/A></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <DIV class=z><I>精彩栏目</I></DIV> </DIV> <div style="clear:both"> <DIV class="n5_jzzp z"><!--[diy=v615]--> <DIV id=v615 class=area> <DIV id=frameKbybB4 class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameKbybB4_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameKbybB4_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_76 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_76_content class=dxb_bc> <UL> <LI class=n5_jzzxtj><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1518.gif"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018?1?日柳州新?/EM></A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/0_299.jpg"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018?1?日新播报</EM></A></LI> <LI class=n5_jzzxtj><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1181.png"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018?1?日法治柳?/EM></A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1371.jpg"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018?1?日直通县?/EM></A></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <DIV class="n5_jzsp z"><!--[diy=v619]--> <DIV id=v619 class=area> <DIV id=framez505fu class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framez505fu_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framez505fu_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_80 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_80_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_jztt> <H3><A title="郑俊康会见一汽客?一汽解放公司柳州项目即将启? target=_blank>郑俊康会见一汽客?一汽解放公司柳州项目即将启?/A></H3> <SPAN>今天?日),市委书记郑俊康会见了来访的一汽解放公司柳州项目组,双方就尽快在柳东新区启动一汽解放公司柳州项目达成共识?/SPAN> </DIV> <DIV class=n5_jztt> <H3><A title=" “医联体?让“远医?解了“近疾? target=_blank> “医联体?让“远医?解了“近疾?/A></H3> <SPAN>今天?日),先跟随我们的记者到三江县中医医院去看看“医联体”改革取得的成效?/SPAN> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_84 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_84_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_jzlb> <UL> <LI><A title="深化“放管服?优化营商环境 推进便民服务 营造规范便利经营环? target=_blank>深化“放管服?优化营商环境 推进便民服务 营造规范便利经营环?/A></LI> <LI><A title="切实履行职责 竭诚服务职工" target=_blank>切实履行职责 竭诚服务职工</A></LI> <LI><A title="欢迎八方来客 共享奇石盛宴" target=_blank>欢迎八方来客 共享奇石盛宴</A></LI> <LI><A title="想做浪里飘?站稳了再? target=_blank>想做浪里飘?站稳了再?/A></LI> <LI><A title="摊贩半夜占道经营 城管通通给你扣? target=_blank>摊贩半夜占道经营 城管通通给你扣?/A></LI> <LI><A title="市工人医院总院主楼顺利封顶" target=_blank>市工人医院总院主楼顺利封顶</A></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <DIV class="n5_jzyp y"><!--[diy=v623]--> <DIV id=v623 class=area> <DIV id=frameA6afws class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameA6afws_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameA6afws_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_88 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_88_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_jzzx> <H2>法治柳州</H2> <UL> <LI><A class=n5_zxnrico title="广西中美天元集团骗取贷款案一审宣? target=_blank>广西中美天元集团骗取贷款案一审宣?/A></LI> <LI><A class=n5_zxnrico title="看好收款二维?小心被“狸猫换太子? target=_blank>看好收款二维?小心被“狸猫换太子?/A></LI> <LI><A class=n5_zxnrico title="大货车行驶途中突起大火 驾驶室被烧毁" target=_blank>大货车行驶途中突起大火 驾驶室被烧毁</A></LI> <LI><A class=n5_zxnrico title="成立业委会为何困难重重?——回访翠林之?环境秩序有所改善" target=_blank>成立业委会为何困难重重?——回访翠林之?环境秩序有所改善</A></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_92 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_92_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_zxal> <H2>淘最柳州</H2> <UL> <LI class=n5_zxalj><A title="2018?1?日淘最柳州" target="_blank"><img src="/pic/c6eygIQq.jpg"/></A> </LI> <LI class=n5_zxalj><A title="2018?1?日淘最柳州" target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1041.jpg"/></A> </LI> <LI class=n5_zxalj><A title="2018?0?0日淘最柳州" target="_blank"><img src="/pic/640_1131.gif"/></A> </LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> </div> </DIV> <!--[diy=v5ad5]--> <!--DIV class="ad_1200" style="margin:0px auto"><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1706.jpg"/></A></DIV--> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--><!--图文新闻--> <!--[diy=v5ad6]--> <DIV id=v5ad6 class=area> <DIV id=frameZjp8j8 class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameZjp8j8_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameZjp8j8_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_57 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_57_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary><A target=_blank><IMG src="images/zhuanti/dxtx120060.jpg" width=1200 height=60></A></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--><!--县区新闻及剧?-> <DIV class="n5_jzsh cl"> <DIV class=n5_zxmkbt> <DIV class=y><!--[diy=v612]--> <DIV id=v612 class=area> <DIV id=frameL4aznt class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameL4aznt_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameL4aznt_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_73 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_73_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary><A class=n5_tsjgw target=_blank>柳江新闻</A></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <DIV class=z><I>直通县?/I></DIV> </DIV> <div style="clear:both"> <DIV class="n5_jzzp z"><!--[diy=v617]--> <DIV id=v617 class=area> <DIV id=framewiCk0p class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framewiCk0p_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framewiCk0p_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_78 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_78_content class=dxb_bc> <UL> <LI class=n5_jzzxtj><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/0760.jpg"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018?1?日直通县?/EM></A></LI> <LI ><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1602.jpg"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018?1?日柳江新?/EM></A></LI> <LI class=n5_jzzxtj><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/640_1456.gif"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018??7日乡土柳?/EM></A></LI> <LI><A target=_blank><img src="/pic/0306.jpg"/><SPAN></SPAN><EM>2018?1?日惠生活</EM></A></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <DIV class="n5_jzsp z"><!--[diy=v621]--> <DIV id=v621 class=area> <DIV id=frameliCc4l class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameliCc4l_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameliCc4l_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_82 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_82_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_jztt> <H3><A title="争创区级双拥模范县三连冠" target=_blank>争创区级双拥模范县三连冠</A></H3> <SPAN>日前?9日),柳城县召开创建区级双拥模范县汇报会,汇报双拥工作成绩,接受区级考评组考评,努力争创区级双拥模范县“三连冠”?/SPAN> </DIV> <DIV class=n5_jztt> <H3><A title="“故事妈妈”讲故事 亲子阅读共成? target=_blank>“故事妈妈”讲故事 亲子阅读共成?/A></H3> <SPAN>世上只有妈妈好,在柳江区,“故事妈妈”也很受小朋友的欢迎,虽然不一定是自己的亲生母亲,她们讲的绘本故事同样传递着家的温馨?/SPAN> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_86 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_86_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_jzlb> <UL> <LI><A title="确保阳鹿高速公路明年建成通车" target=_blank>确保阳鹿高速公路明年建成通车</A></LI> <LI><A title="深化医改 造福群众" target=_blank>深化医改 造福群众</A></LI> <LI><A title="高标准高质量推进脱贫攻坚" target=_blank>高标准高质量推进脱贫攻坚</A></LI> <LI><A title="“点穴式”巡?推进扫黑除恶" target=_blank>“点穴式”巡?推进扫黑除恶</A></LI> <LI><A title="多管齐下 保持安全生产形势持续稳定" target=_blank>多管齐下 保持安全生产形势持续稳定</A></LI> <LI><A title="融安金桔将于11?号上? target=_blank>融安金桔将于11?号上?/A></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> <DIV class="n5_jzyp y"><!--[diy=v625]--> <DIV id=v625 class=area> <DIV id=framen21M42 class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framen21M42_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framen21M42_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_90 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_90_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=n5_rbjc> <H2>热播剧场</H2> <DIV class=n5_zxalj> <div class="n5a"><A title="怒血特战? target=_blank><img src="/pic/bvTX5Jx1fx.jpg"/></A></div> <div class="n5b"> <A title="怒血特战? target=_blank><H1>怒血特战?/H1></A> <p>剧场:精彩剧?/p> <p>频道:公共频?/p> <p>时间?8?</p> <p>简介:</p> </div> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> </div> </DIV> <!--[diy=v5ad4]--> <!--DIV id=v5ad4 class=area> <DIV id=framep577OL class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=framep577OL_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=framep577OL_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_56 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_56_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary><A target=_blank><IMG src="http://www.lztvnet.com/images/100490zlz.jpg" width=1200 height=60></A></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV--> <!--[/diy]--> <!--精彩炫图--> <!--[diy=v5ad7]--> <DIV id=v5ad7 class=area></DIV> <!--[/diy]--><!--友情链接--> <DIV class="n5_yqlj cl"><!--[diy=v630]--> <DIV id=v630 class=area> <DIV id=frameDFmzCM class=" frame move-span cl frame-1"> <DIV id=frameDFmzCM_left class="column frame-1-c"> <DIV id=frameDFmzCM_left_temp class="move-span temp"></DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_99 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_99_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class=portal_block_summary> <DIV class=n5_zxmkbt> <SPAN class=z><I>友情链接</I></SPAN> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=portal_block_100 class="block move-span"> <DIV id=portal_block_100_content class=dxb_bc> <DIV class="n5_yqljnr cl"> <UL> <LI> <a target="_blank" >中央网络安全和信息化领导小组办公?/a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" > 人民网柳州频?/a></LI> <!-- <LI><a target="_blank" >北部湾东盟经济网</a></LI>--> <LI><a target="_blank" > 广西监测?/a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" >中国文明?/a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" >中国柳州</a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" >柳州文明?/a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" >柳州志愿服务?/a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" >广西壮族自治区新闻出版广电局</a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" >违法和不良信息举报中?/a></LI> <LI><a target="_blank" >在柳?/a></LI> </UL> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <!--[/diy]--></DIV> </DIV> </DIV> <DIV id=ft class=cl> <DIV class=footer> <DIV class=footer-bar></DIV> <DIV class="footer-link clearall"> <P><a > 关于我们 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